Company Profile

Name: Chuo packaging,inc
Founded: June 5 ,1961
Capital: 60 million yen
President: Atsuki Sugano
Main bank: Bank of Tokyo-mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. Yao-branch
Mizuho bank,Ltd Yao-branch
Sumitomo Mitsui banking Corporation Higashiosaka-branch
Resona bank,Ltd Yao-branch
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. Yao-branch
Address: HQ
1-82-2 kyuhoen Yao-shi, Osaka ,JAPAN 581-0817
TEL 0729-25-2111
FAX 0729-25-2160

Tokyo branch
TEL 03-5822-3610
FAX 03-5822-3615
Sales products: Produce and sale of injection formed plastic products
Sales of paper materials for apparel and general merchandise (package, hanger, etc.)
Sales of flexible packaging material films (pouches, package, etc.) for food products (overseas)
Planning and proposal of sales floor
Material for apparel (Sale of button, woven name, printed name, kinds of Keeper tag with barcode price tag .)
Design of non-formalin hanger and hanger pack system (conveyance of the hanger)
Design and planning of system package
Duties of export and import business.
TEL (86)21-5778-0285
FAX (86)21-5778-0226

TEL. (66)2-103-4074

TEL. (88)2-48955331
FAX. (88)2-48955332
Group company: Suzhou Fukuda Industry Co., Ltd.
TEL (86)512-6621-5991
FAX (86)512-6621-8289
June 1961 Chuo Packaging inc (1-36-9 Hannan-cho Abeno-ku Osaka) was founded to produce off-set printing machine.
August 1964 A plastic department was established to meet great demand of plastic products and began to manufacture plastic hangers and hooks. Meanwhile, the result of experiment which is logic of “Listing hanger” surpassed our expectation in volume seller.
October 1966 Tokyo branch office (1-1853 Sugamo Toyoshima-ku Tokyo) was established.
June 1968
The Tokyo branch office was moved to the new address of 1-13-7 Yanagibashi Taito-ku and became Tokyo business office.
January 1972 In order to promote sales and production in the Metropolitan area, the Tokyo business office became Tokyo headquarters and was reorganized to be a corporation, and Chuo Packaging, inc. was established with capital of 10 million yen.
April 1972
Capital of Osaka headquarters was increased to 16 million yen.
March 1977
Capital of Osaka headquarters was increased to 27 million yen.
February 1978
It started to sell Anti-static CP coat and developed beta and gamma type.
February 1982
Osaka headquarters was moved to the new address which is 8-15 Matsuya-machi Chuo-ku.
July 1989 Chuo Packaging (Hong Kong) Ltd as subsidiary company was established with capital of 400 thousand HK$.
November 1993
Office of Osaka headquarters was moved to the new address of 1-3-6 Minamisenba Chuo-ku.
February 1994
Osaka and Tokyo headquarters were merged together and became Tokyo branch office.
April 1994
Capital was increased to 50 million yen.
January 1996
Osaka headquarters was moved to the new address of 1-16-11 Minamihorie Nishi-ku.
November 1997
Tokyo branch office was moved to the new address of 4-5-6 Ryogoku Sumida-ku.
March 2005
Osaka headquarters was moved to the new address of 1-18-2 kyuhoen Yao-shi
March 2007
Atsuki Sugano basis took office as Representative Director.
May 2007 We moved the Tokyo office to 2-27-9, Higashinihombashi, Chuuo-ku, Tokyo.
We founded Chiba distribution center in 1-28-22, Aobadai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba.
March 2008
We established the exhibition room of the handling article in Osaka main office the first floor.
June 2010
Celebration for the 50th anniversary of our company’s foundation.
February 2011 We moved the Chiba distribution center to 310-1, Wakashibatennoumae, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba.
July 2011 We amalgamated with the Daisho inc..
Capital was increased to 60 million yen.
September 2013 We moved the Tokyo office to 2-8-5, Higashinihombashi, Chuuo-ku, Tokyo.
October 2015 Installation of on-demand printing machine.
August 2016 Install video conference system for oversea information sharing.
March 2017 Established local affiliate in Thailand.
May 2017 Established local affiliate in Shanghai.
August 2017 Established local affiliate in Bangladesh.
May 2018 Our Wakae Logistic Center and Delivery Center in Osaka Head office  were combined.
Osaka Logistic Center is launching out.
April 2020 Our company name in Japanese “中央パッケージング工業株式会社” 
was changed to “ 株式会社CHU-PA”.
May 2020 FSC certification acquired (CHUPA SHANGHAI CO., LTD.)
Certificate Registration Code;FSC-C157138
June 2020 We moved the Chiba Logistics Center to 164 Toyofuta, Kashiwa City, Chiba.
October 2020 FSC certification acquired (Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand)
License Code; FSC-C160529
June 2021 Celebration for the 60th anniversary of our company’s foundation.
November 2021 CHUPA THAILAND CO., LTD. moved the office to 23/56 Sorachai Building, 17th Floor,
Soi Sukhumvit 63, Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
TEL : +66-(0)-2-103-4074
March 2023
Installed flexible packaging equipment (pouch making machine manufactured
by Totani Corporation) in Thailand. (CHUPA THAILAND CO.,LTD.)


072-925-2111 (関西)
03-5822-3610 (関東)